About Us

We win with our customers

The company ALPHA ENGINEERING deals with the study, design and manufacture of various types of molds and precision components.
It was founded and operates under the mechanical engineer Nikos Aliferis and the shipbuilding engineer Manousos Trikaminas, as well as a group of specialized partners.

The company’s goal is to successfully complete the projects it undertakes in response to all requests, needs and technical specifications of the client, always aiming to maintain:

  • High standard quality
  • Low cost

Our vision

Our vision is to be a strategic partner for every entrepreneur who systematically invests in the development of his business, creating long-term and meaningful partnerships.

We operate with a clear, stable, shared commercial relationship with all our partners and keep our commitments.


We seek to be a model company for all who come into contact with us, customers, partners, employees and to stand out in everything we do.


We stand out for our specialization in our subject and we provide, directly, with responsibility and consistency, solutions to our customers’ needs.

We win with our customers

When our customer wins from our cooperation and solutions, then we win too.